Large-Scale Theoretical Spectroscopy

About us

We are a junior group at TU Dresden hosted at the Chair of Theoretical Chemistry. Read more.

Codes we contribute to

Our group contributes to the development of FHI-aims and CP2K. Read more.

Emmy-Noether program

The junior group is mainly funded by the Emmy-Noether of the German Research Foundation. Read more.


Welcome Jannis!

Jannis joined our group as PhD student.

Introducing CD-WAC: core-level GW calculations just got faster

We are pleased to announce the publication of our recent paper, “Accelerating core-level GW calculations by combining the contour deformation approach with the analytic continuation of W”. This novel work introduces the CD-WAC method, combining contour deformation (CD) with an analytic continuation of the screened Coulomb interaction W, effectively reducing the scaling of CD from…